Toowoomba Psychological Services

Toowoomba Psychological Services is an established psychological practice offering a variety of experienced and highly skilled clinical psychologists and generally registered psychologists, who treat a range of mental health concerns.

Our psychologists provide evidence-based psychological interventions in individual therapy, relationship and family therapy and group sessions. Our psychologists work with individuals across the lifespan.

Psychological Testing Services
Toowoomba Psychological Services offers a comprehensive psychometric testing service. Members of the assessment team are proficient in Personality, Intellectual, Memory, Neurocognitive, Developmental, Medico-legal, Forensic, Diagnostic, Capacity, Differential, and Dementia testing.

Our Psychologists:
George Petroff
Carolyn Bartenstein
Gail Turner
Gavin Beccaria
Mousumi Singh
Michael Prowacki
Sheryl Greenwood

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